Applications are manufactured fully in accordance with the customer's requirements, adapting every detail to the client's needs and to the segment that requires informatization.
For the users of information systems we create "turnkey" - from analysis and project development throught implementation of our own software solutions all to ongoing customer support and maintaining / improving the system.
We would like to point out some of our own and custom programming solutions:
- Egroupware - open source collaboration software,fully customizable, with the possibility of managing several projects at the same time 
- OS Commerce 3.0 - Croatian version of the popular solution for your internet shopping. Showcase your product catalog and service with this super-powerful application. 
- "FESTO" is a distributed system for online ticketing and treasury, which consists of two subsystems: 
FESTO Desktop (FD) 
- An application that works in a local network. It is used by system administrators andbox office operators. Its basic purpose is insight into the reservation process, printing and billing tickets, and managing the website contents.
Festo Desktop application modules: 
* Codebook (users, user groups, partners, film and festival definitions, etc.) 
* Content Management 
* Ticket booking 
* Ticketing and invoicing 
* Database synchronization across the subsystems 
* Statistical and accounting reports 
* Newsletters and mailing lists 
* Backoffice store manager (asset management, PC safe, shops, etc.) 

FESTO Web (FW) is a part of the application that is displayed on the website of your festival. It displays the contents entered in the definition of FD during the festival and schedule of performances or projections. Visitors to the FW have insight into the occupancy of individual projections and can book tickets accordingly. 

FESTO WEB application modules: 
* Displaying content customized unified design template 
* Ticket reservation or purchase baskets (integrated with Biznet online payment system) 
* Additional functionality (CRM functions, autoresponders, etc.) Festo system supports an unlimited number of stores, warehouses, pc hand. 
ROOM RENT ver. 0.9 
This program covers the business processes of the leasing premises with the desired equipment and rental equipment preferred (sound systems, lighting, props and other equipment). This application serves as a reference database of alllease users and their equipment,in order to facilitate the process of finding the necessary specialized equipment and subleasing it. 

Application functionality: 
* Date reservation (desktop applications and web interface) 
* Service invoicing
* Statistical and accounting reports 
- Development of advanced software solutions: web directory of your product, web shop with your bidding and payment via Internet, linking web pages to your database or price list, applications for modification and maintenance of your site contents and much more ... 

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We are currently working for a German company
Enaikoon GmbH to develop search applications
named "inViu"  for Android platform.

 preparing two projects for the domestic market
but on when they go into implementation.


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