SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization:

• Optimization of your website is not a luxury but the cheapest investment in promoting your business on the internet! 
• Optimization is a complex system of operations on your pages (and on the search engines login system), which implies the knowledge from various fields of web services, a bit of programming, and a good deal of experience in "learning behavior" Google and other search engines. 
• The Scope of SEO services is determined by the first ranking of your keywords - the lower the search results, the higher the probability of a need for more extensive operation that would improve the ranking. The optimization bid depends on the above parameters, as well as on the web domain age, its contents and links and backlinks.
• The search for some keywords on Google may give thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of results, which is why we offer::

• selection of appropriate keywords (competitiveness, popularity, analysis ...) 
• site adaptation, codes, tags and images optimization, search results improvement
• text visibility analysis by robot-search ... 
• making a sitemap visible to Google and other "major" search engines 
• periodic "ranking" report 
• Results visible after 30-90 days depending on the selection of keywords 
• All our users have thier desired keywords among the top 10 results on all major international and domestic search engines (FIRST google site after a search!)


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We are currently working for a German company
Enaikoon GmbH to develop search applications
named "inViu"  for Android platform.

 preparing two projects for the domestic market
but on when they go into implementation.


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