Virtual Office is an idea formed end of 1998. year, as the company realized in 1999. year. After founding the company, we immediately begin creating bookkeeping application for the different profiles and sizes of companies. After 2 years of programming and testing, and collaboration with multiple accounting services and independent accountant (we especially recommend PDS bookkeeping - www.pds.hr) we let the market our software: Account Bookkeeping software ver. 1.0. In a short time because of the ease of use and popularization of the Internet (ADSL) achieve an enviable number of users who provide instant customer support via remote Internet connections. This allows us to further development, because we solves problems quickly (nearly the same moment when the client contacted us). Account Bookkeeping is a classic Windows application that has the initial support and later adaption can easily maintain and administer. Account Bookkeeping developing and improving to this day when we have over 500 satisfied customers who use over 350 different reports and printouts from the program.

Parallel development Account Bookkeeping 1.0 working on projects to design and implement various business systems tailored to client needs, "E-groupware", "FEST-o", "OS Commerce", "Rent a Room", "Service and Warranty", "Route", "Internet Cafe", "Public Kitchen", "Antique Bookstore", "Advanced Call History", "GPS Tracker ",...
Some of these systems are deployed in dozens of companies, and certain applications used over 150 000 users worldwide.
To all this we managed dedicated to constantly learning about new technologies, programming languages, and particularly the relationship and communication with clients.

Last three years developing a project based on GPS positioning for foreign client, while catering to develop mobile internet (server) applications intended for the world market.
We are especially proud of the GPS Tracker for smart phones (cell phones), which only the Android platform used by more than 150 000 users with an average grade of 4.5 applications (1 to 5).

Moderate approach and wise reflection in advance we were able to achieve the highest growth in these times just "global" crisis, which gives us the impetus to continue doing what we love most - programmed applications that users recognize as a very cost-effective and useful saving in everyday business.

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We are currently working for a German company
Enaikoon GmbH to develop search applications
named "inViu"  for Android platform.

 preparing two projects for the domestic market
but on when they go into implementation.


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