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Momentum of our business model is superior IT support we provide to our clients.
Since the beginning of virtual office we strive to be a complete computer service for businesses, your partner will create entire and integrated solution for your company and monitor your development with appropriate services and products. It differs fromothers by its range of products and services that fully cover all the needs and capabilities of entrepreneurs. Good will and consulting approach with their clients and establish a true partnership.
We are extremely proud of our business with more foreign companies for which we have designed, implemented and programmed business systems based on the latest technologies and devices.
If you have the need for operating system or just an application (web, desktop,"mobile") and feel free to show us what you want, and we will introduce and offer appropriate solutions for business. Some applications can be seen in the gallery application on the bottom of the screen , and some of them have over 150 000 users worldwide.

App Galery


We are currently working for a German company
Enaikoon GmbH to develop search applications
named "inViu"  for Android platform.

 preparing two projects for the domestic market
but on when they go into implementation.


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